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Leather Training Collars

Our training collars are Herm Spenger, which come from Germany. We like to use the small prongs, which are 2.2mm. and are effective for all breeds. The great thing about our collar is the snap closure, which allows for easy on and off . We also weave leather in between the prongs for an added touch of class and pizzazz. Choose from our large variety of colors to match your lifestyle. Our collars start at 12 inches order your collar based on the number of inches needed to get the correct size for your pet.
12 inches finished = 5 prongs
13 inches finished = 6 prongs
  14 inches finished = 7 prongs
  15 inches finished = 8 prongs
  16 inches finished = 9 prongs
  17 inches finished = 10 prongs
  18 inches finished = 11 prongs
  19 inches finished = 12 prongs
  20 inches finished = 13 prongs
21 inches finished = 14 prongs
22 inches finished = 15 prongs
23 inches finished = 16 prongs
 Bigger sizes available 
 To fit properly, locate and measure the center of the neck (half way between ears and withers). Be sure to allow enough space for two fingers between tape measure and your pet's neck. Order one size larger than the neck measurement. Example if dog measures 12 inches then order 13 inches.  What does Withers mean? it's the ridge between ears and shoulders.
Remember the safety of your dog is most important and only you can determine the suitability of our collars for your pet. It is your responsibility to use these collars with supervision.
All orders are custom made, could be 3 weeks until delievey.  If you should need a rush order please email ,text, or call us.
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